Can I get a branded demo account login for tutorials?

One of the simplest ways to explain the AoH app to clients and potential partners is to visually demonstrate the features of the App. We understand that you may not wish to share your own App with personal information, so we have provided you with two alternative options to support in your presentations.

Option 1:

Create your own demo account with an alternate email address, and customize the information as you wish.  To add a fake bank account please use the following credentials:

​​Institution Name: Fiserv – PFM Widgets

Username: finlockerbanking

Pw: finlockerbanking


Option 2:

Use the AoH demo account with pre-loaded bank information, credit score, budgets and more.  To access the secure login credentials for this account please email and the AoH team will provide you with the login information.


Additionally, this presentation may provide another way to demo the AoH App. 


For more in-depth information on the Art of Homeownership App, please visit the AoH App course in our Partner Portal.