Can I offer Pre-Sales Renovation Financing to my client without a Real Estate Partner? (Mortgage Professionals)

The Pre-Sales Renovation Financing Program is executed by Real Estate Professionals on behalf of our clients. What happens if none of your Real Estate Partners are AoH Members?

A Real Estate Partner does not need to be an AoH Member in order to use Revive on behalf of your clients.

You and your RE Partner can connect directly with Revive to assist your client. Because you are an AoH partner, the Realtor $250 transaction fee is waived.


If you have a client who wants to use Revive for their home sale, we recommend:

  • Reaching out to a RE Partner who you believe would put in the additional effort to providing this service to your client and ask them if they would be willing to take the referral, contingent on administering the Pre-Sales Renovation Financing Program for your client.
    • We recommend identifying a professional who believes in putting their clients' best interests first.
  • Once your RE Partner has committed, connect the RE Partner with Revive
  • Connect the RE Partner with your client.
  • (If you haven't already) use this as an opportunity to tell your RE Partner about the Art of Homeownership and ask if he/she would be interested in having a conversation about all the benefits it could bring to his/her business.


What if my Real Estate Partner loves Revive and wants to keep using it after my client's transaction?

That's great! Your RE Partner can continue to use Revive to bring value to their clients. As long as this agent is working with you, the $250 per transaction fee will be waived because you are an AoH Member.

If your RE Partner uses the service more than once per month, or anticipates using the service more than once per month, we recommend you share with them that Revive charges no transaction fees for AoH Members. 

As the fee for AoH Membership for Real Estate Professionals is $299/mo, it is in any RE Partner's best interest to consider becoming an AoH Member if using Revive more than once per month.


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