Can my Real Estate practice/team sign up as an AoH Partner rather than each individual agent?

Yes, a Real Estate group may sign up for an AoH partnership seat together, we recommend reading the details below before deciding if this option is best for your team/practice.

Your Real Estate Agency/Team/Practice may sign up for an AoH Partnership seat together, however a few limitations will apply.

1. Your seat would be subject to branch branding--all accounts would be branded based on the agency/team/practice, no names of individual Real Estate Agents will be displayed. 

2. Your client limit(s) will be shared among all clients of the Real Estate Agency (your accounts may reach limits faster than if each agent obtained his/her own partnership).

This option could work for
small/independent brokerages and Real Estate Teams operating under a single DBA.

We do not recommended this option for solo agents, individuals working for a national brokerages, individuals looking to grow name recognition in their local market or professionals who want to stay connected to past clients through personalized interaction.