How do I unsubscribe/remove a client from my AoH Platform?

You can unsubscribe your clients in your Daily AI.

To unsubscribe a client from AoH communications:

  1. Log into Daily AI > Contacts > Search for the contact via email or name.

  2. Under “Drips” remove the contact from active drip campaigns.

  3. At the top, check the box “Do not contact”

** If a contact has set up their HouseHappy and/or Homebot accounts they will continue to have those active accounts. As a best practice, we recommend informing the client that they will need to unsubscribe from their Homebot account and delete their HouseHappy account accordingly.

FYI: Clients can self unsubscribe through the unsubscribe link in your AoH managed email campaigns, however we understand sometimes your clients want you to do to this for them. 


Here is a templated response/script we suggest:

Hi {Client Name}

You have been unsubscribed from my Art of Homeownership Platform. 

If you have been a member with me for a while, and have set up accounts with Homebot and Househappy, you will need to deactivate those accounts separately. To deactivate Homebot, please click the ‘unsubscribe’ button in your next digest. To deactivate your HouseHappy please log in to your dashboard to delete your account.


{Your Name}