How do I edit/update a client's contact information?

You can change your clients contact information (including email) in your Daily Ai and Homebot accounts.

To get started:

  1. Log in to Daily Ai > Contacts > Search for the contact via email or name.

  2. Update the client's contact information accordingly

  3. Log in to Homebot
  4. Follow these instructions to update contact information 

  5. If a contact has set up their Homebinder account, the client will need to change their email or phone number by clicking on Profile in the upper right-hand drop down menu.
  6. Ask your client to change their information in Updater - Log in to Updater account >  "Hi [Name]" > My Account
    ** If your client has not yet activated their updater account they will need to activate their account before updating their information.
  7. At this time, your client cannot change their email address in the Finlocker app. Once they have signed up with an email address, that is their userid and they must continue to use that address to access their account.
    A solution for this right now is sending them your unique sign up link & mobile code to their new email address.