How does Art of Homeownership use Daily AI?

Art of Homeownership leverages Daily AI as our Marketing Engine

Art of Homeownership has partnered with Daily AI as a “marketing engine” option for our Partners. We leverage Daily AI as a way for our Partners to have an AoH website, connect clients directly to our drip campaigns, and have access to marketing templates.

We recommend Daily is used to perform the following functions only with AoH

  1. Create an account

  2. Set up AoH lead website, with domain and lead form routing

  3. Set up AoH campaign, with emails only

  4. Use Daily Ai email and server to send out AoH invitation & AoH campaigns

  5. Store partners contacts for marketing purposes 

If Partners wish to utilize Daily AI for additional services, including their CRM features, they can connect directly with Daily AI here.