How many mortgage professionals can be invited to become Art of Homeownership Partners in each Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA)?

In order to preserve the value of our Partnership, Art of Homeownership caps the number of Partnerships available for each MSA.

For every 100,000 people in an MSA, there can be no more than two (2), Mortgage Professional Partners. 

  • Every Mortgage Professional Partner can invite no more than ten (10), Real Estate Professionals, to partner with them on the platform. 

For Example: There are 500,000 people in the Lexington-Fayette, KY MSA. 

In this MSA, there would be a maximum of Ten (10) Mortgage Professionals and One Hundred (100) Real Estate Professionals. 


Seat availability is subject to current partners, onboarding partners, seat reservations, and changes in MSA demographics. 

Due to the growth of AOH Partnerships we cannot guarantee the number of seats available in any particular MSA, as seats are first-come first serve.

Once a market is full, we cannot guarantee if or when seats will open up again (as this would require changes in local population or a current partner relinquishing an active or reserved seat).

Seats are filling up fast, so we recommend any interested parties evaluate their partnership opportunity with promptness, or consider seat reservation(s) if they are not ready to pursue partnership at this time.