How to enroll clients to your AoH platform

Follow these steps to ensure an efficient and seamless database upload.

1. Visit this link to go to our form where you can download the template & enroll your clients.

2. After downloading the template, begin filling in the required fields (highlighted in yellow):

  • First & last name
  • Email address and/or phone number
  • Transaction Type (i.e. which drip campaign they should be added to)
  • Client Group (i.e. what type of client they are)
  • Street address (i.e. mailing address) & property address
  • AoH Tag

3. If you wish to include the loan information for the transaction (highlighted in gray), please make sure you include the loan # or transaction ID. This information cannot be uploaded without a loan # provided. 

4. Once you've completed entering the information, save the file as a CSV.

5. Go back to the form and complete it. Make sure your file is a CSV when uploading. Click submit and you're done!