Is the Home Valuation tool within the App connected to Homebot? How is the home value determined?

The App is currently not connected to Homebot.  The App's AVM is provided by Quantarium which is one of the most accurate AVMs available.

Your clients will still automatically be enrolled in Homebot when you submit your Weekly Client Submissions so your client will receive both valuation tools; from the App as well as from Homebot.  Homebot uses Black Knight as their AVM. 

If your clients see discrepancies between the two values, this could be due to a number of factors (different AVMs, their loan information not entered properly thus pulling from public record, personal adjustments to the home value, etc).  Use this great opportunity to reach out and have a conversation with your client to determine the most accurate home value.

For more in-depth information on the Art of Homeownership App, please visit the AoH App course in our Partner Portal.