How do the Realtor and LO digests work together for my client?

The LO digest and REA digest are incredibly similar in that every module you have within the digests that you send, your realtor has as well. When you co-sponsor a realtor, you are co-branded on every mortgage/refinance module on the realtor's digest that they send out. 
If you utilize Video Manager and the awesome videos that AoH provides, there are 2 of your videos that will appear on the agent's digests. Those 2 videos are Intro to refinancing (on the 30-year fixed option only) and Pre-qualification. With that said, the realtor can choose to remove your 2 videos from their digests. 
If you have any shared clients, meaning you and your co-sponsored agent have the same client email address and property address loaded in your respective accounts, it will then become a "Shared Client". You can check out your shared clients by going to "Homeowner" tab > "Clients" tab > "Shared Clients" tab. All shared clients will still only receive 1 monthly digest but it will be coming from the Realtor, not you!